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After receiving multiple awards in the US and Europe for everything from screenplays to directing Carol its now offering coaching for actors prepping for an audition or a challenging role. She is also offering hourly coaching sessions with those individuals ready to write their first screenplay or stage play.


February 24-26  there will be 3 day workshop with a goal for participants to submit to film festivals!

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These private coachings have been done for everyone from 8 year olds working on a school play to professionals developing a character for their featured roles in film, television and theatre. Carol has coached both notable actors and those just starting out who want to expand their talents beyond their local theatre.

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This will be one-on-one coaching with the writer to help them get their script "production ready". Coaching also includes recommendations for festivals and competitions.

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3 day Workshops

Three day workshops will begin with a Friday evening session apprx 4 hrs, then an all day session on Saturday apprx 8 hrs and a full 4-6 hour session on Sunday depending on the amount of participants and amount of work produced by the participants.

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