recent projects 


Originally commissioned as a One Act play by the Drama Centre ( a division of RADA) this is a teaser trailer for the film version. George Georghio


This is a documentary still in the making. Three years of filming have taken place. We have been encouraged to go national with the premise. The importance of arts education not just for enrichment of a person but also for nurturing invention. American is falling down the ladder of intellectual property.


An insecure but gifted artist at an ad agency is forced to take desperate measures to keep her job. Comedy - Sizzle Reel : Allison Williams, Ron Paolillo, Michele Balan

 book promos 

Year of production: 2014

Running Time: :60 min

This is a promo video for the murder mystery novel "The Night John Lennon Died...So Did John Doe" by Saundra Shohen and Louisa Burns-Bisogno. 

Profile of Children's author Cynthia Althouse on her first book "Smartypants Flew the Coop" and the resulting book launch at Barnes & Noble in NY State.

 Website Promo 

Year of production: 2017

Running Time: :60

This is a internet promo for a new website of artist Arista Baltronis.

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