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"I thoroughly enjoyed watching your skill during rehearsal at taking the scenes, adding the action and pacing and creating something wonderful. It was truly a great evening, made possible by your participation." - Patricia Beaury, Managing Director, Meryl Streep'sWriters Lab

Connecticut Premier of OLD RINGERS by Joe Simonelli

Timing is everything and director Carol Dorn has skillfully guided the cast to execute their lines for maximum effect. The audience roared with laughter throughout the evening. [Ms. Dorn's] skill as a director is really evident in this production at the Theater Barn and we hope to see her back soon."  - On the Valley

Connecticut Premier of OLD RINGERS by Joe Simonelli


"...but the actors bring humanity and genuineness to such two-dimensional archetypes with guidance and adjustments from director Carol Dorn, who freshens the material a bit for the present era of technology, sex positivity, and elder disability." - Hamlethub, Brewster, NY

Connecticut Premier of OLD RINGERS by Joe Simonelli

"The direction of Carol Dorn allows the determination and unity of this group of sisters in kind to shine. The laughs are as easy as the action is unforced." - Newtown Bee, Newtown, CT




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